Monday, November 30, 2009

Freezing @ The Falls

Iain and spent the wkend in Newmarket to celebrate Robin's BD. We had a great supper at a Thai restaurant and then back to 1003 for a drink or 2 or 3 and then off to bed. Up at 6 AM and off we toddled to Niagara Falls in search of cave swallows and various gulls. It was unbelievably frigid there. I must admit I spent a lot of time in the van only getting out to take a few pics. We headed back around 3 and made it back to Robin's in time for pizza and wine. Left Sunday around 10 and tanking up on a starbucks off we went again. Got home at 2 and there were 3 little pussy cats who were ecstatic to see us arrive home.

Today the repairman came and fixed some wiring on the oven so hopefully that is it and I can get started on some hollyday stuff. Hope to get going on the decorating this week and I have an experimental recipe for a tortiere I want to try.

Friday, November 27, 2009

So beautiful

On Thursday Holly , Tiana, and I went to Sinders to do some dress shopping. It was a very emotional day for me. She tried on quite a few dresses but we were all in agreement that the very first one she put on was "THE ONE". Holly said that the dress made her shaky and I'm sure it was because it looked absolutely fabulous on her and she knew it too! Unfortunately Sio could not be there as she had just started her job and we did miss her. Hopefully she can get in with Holly soon and see it on her. The saleswoman put a veil on her and it was complete. I almost had a meltdown but I managed to keep it together until I got home a started telling Iain about it. Of course Iain being Iain laughed at me for being so emotional about it. Even now when I think about how lovely she looked I get a little weepy. I am not sure I will have enough tears in me during all of this.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am not a very happy girl these last few days! Last week the motor on my oven went kafluuy and I couldn't use it. On Monday the repairman came and within about 1/2 an hour my oven was back working YAHOOY. Then yesterday after baking some experimental cat treats (which BTW were a success -- the gang loves them) no more heat. I don't know what is wrong with it other than the bottom element is cold. So now after talking to him this morning I won't know what is going on until MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was actually planning to do some holiday baking and some cooking for going on our road trip this wkend. Those plans have been thwarted. I hope by Monday all will be fixed and I can get back to my plans.

Anyway Iain and I are heading to the big TO on Friday. It is Robin's BD so we are going to take him for dinner. He usually comes here for Iain's Bd and takes us out for that. There is an adventure happening as well. We are all trudging to Niagara Falls for some birding. I already have my birding bag packed -- a book, some knitting and my I Pod. I also plan on taking a nice comfy blanket. So you see I will have a great time! Hopefully I will get some nice pics.

Friday, November 13, 2009

When Disaster Strikes

Had Sio and Will for supper last nite. I spent ALL morning making lasagna. They arrived about 5:30 and we sat had a drink then Papa came home and lasagna was ready to come out of the oven. As I was removing it from the oven all hot and bubbly and ooey gooey with cheese it proceeded to jump from my hands and fall you guessed it face first on the kitchen floor!!!! I believe I was saying a few expletives as the episode was in progress. So there we were Sio Will and I (Iain was upstairs changing) looking at this beautiful lasagna splatted on the floor. So what is there to do -- LAFF!!!!! Iain saved the day by scooting off to Independent and get pizza. We ate pizza and watched the Sens throw another one away. I made a lemon meringue pie which did survive my carnage.
We had a lovely visit. It was terrific to see them and they managed to get their laundry done.