Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just one more

Had a great week in NS. We left Friday afternoon and made it to Montreal in what we thought would be plenty of time. Boy were we wrong. Montreal - Friday afternoon - Construction!! Need I say more. Took us close to an hour and a half to finally get thru and then we were off. Spent the nite in Edmunston. After throwing back a heineken and the worst pizza --- off to sleepy land. Awake bright and early and off again. Made it to Radcliffe ave about 4 ish.

It was fantastic spending time with everyone. The boys are getting so big. Chase is such a sweety and really love Iain. Had a hard time saying his name so ended up calling him "E". Of course we waited til the last nite to let loose. Probably bcs everyone was there and bcs that was the nite i got the call from Holly that she and Dan were engaged. So @ 3 am we had the "just one more" and went off to bed. Iain wanted to leave by 11 and @ 10:54 were headed out. I am just getting too old for all this emotional stuff. Made it to Levis and just plopped into bed. Iain says I was being anti social but I think I was just totally exhausted!

Stopped by Holly's to see "the ring". So lovely and very sparkly!! Finally made it to CP and had time to sit in the backyard with a glass of wine.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bikram Treadmill?

Well Sio has left the building! Yup yesterday we loaded up the huge truck and barrelled our way to Springland Drive. Took us about an hour to unload the truck and after only one panic episode ( OMG the sofa won't fit thru the door) we were organising things in their apartment. After a supper of pizza and prosecco we went on our merry way. Yes I was a little weepy but that is just lame me! A little hug from my other sweet girl and I felt a wee less weepy.

Our little girls have grown up!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009