Wednesday, June 22, 2016

There's a Buzz Buzz Buzz in the Meadow

 On Saturday we spent the day at Bee Meadow Farm.
It was a fund raising event for my friend Natalie and Gordon's rescue farm.
Read all about it here on her blog.
HB and I packed ourselves up and drove to the Mouse House to pick up Deb and her retired guy.
Off we went to Apple Hill.
What a wonderful place.
We got to meet most of the animals we often read about on the blog.
And even managed to get a few pics.....

Deb and I with some ass called Saul
Here we are with Chirps the rooster
Some other very lucky rescues who have found a home with Natalie and Gordon

And a couple of rescues that Deb and I are involved with
Although she was a busy girl we managed to snag a pic with Natalie
Before we left Deb was able to visit with Pip and Mootie.
Two kitties she cat sat for.
Natalie adopted them when their Mommy could not care for them any more.

It was a wonderful day.
Topped off with a big jar of honey for all.
We were going to check out the famous Quirky Carrot but unfortunately it was closed.
Thank you Gordon for recommending Jack's Pub.
Fish and chips and a glass of white wine....
 It was a truly fab day !!

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Deb said...

That first pic cracked me up.