Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Drawstring Backpacks

I am always on the hunt for making something for my G Kiddos
Knitting ... crocheting ... baking ... sewing.
This summer is the summer of the Drawstring Backpack.
Easy Pattern found HERE

I thought it would be a good little bag for daycare or taking to the beach or those little sleepovers.

This one is for my darling Miss D.

I found this awesome material at Ikea.

I absolutely L O V E Ikea fabric.....

This one is for my sweet little guy Miles.

  I used 2 legs of old jeans.  

And this is for my princess Riley.

Believe it or not I found this great fabric at  SHHHH Walmart.

I am not a huge Wally World fan ----- however I do find some interesting things every once I awhile.

For all the kiddos I put in a couple of snack containers , a water bottle, boo boo strips , and colouring pages.

Of course now my head is spinning with ideas for these great bags.

Make them a wee bit smaller for Birthday Party loot bags or knitting project bags. I think if I was doing a yarn project bag I would put a grommet in the side for easy yarn pull out.  If I do make one I will keep you posted.

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Susan said...

What a cute idea--my grands will be here in August and we might have to make a few. I had no idea that Ikea had fabric; learn something new every day! XOXO