Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Home Made Ant Bait

Along with summery weather comes ants...  
We get them every year traipsing along the kitchen window sill .
I do not use chemicals in my garden or in my indoor cleaning regime (sounds like a blog post is coming)
Anyway there they were a nice straight line of them.
I put together this recipe and by about the end of day one ---- no more ants!!

1 cup warm water
half cup white sugar
3 TBSPs Borax
Mix thoroughly
Soak a few cotton balls and place in a shallow dish or as I do because I have curious kittys ---- poke 4 holes evenly in the base of a yogourt  (plastic) container, plop the cotton balls in, and close the lid. Put container or dish where you see the ants.

Then let the ants do what they do
They are attracted to the sugar syrup and take the mixture back to their nest and -- well -- then the borax kicks in.

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Siobhan van Nieuwenhuyze said...

I have murdered many ant families with this method.