Thursday, December 10, 2015

Santa Parade and An Early Morning

Here I sit basking in the soft glow of our Christmas tree.
Too early to be up --- I was told by the lump that lay beside me in bed.
Sipping a cup Chai --- listening to my puddy tats plaintively meowing at the basement door.
" Pleeeaaase let us up we are staaaaarving"
Well it is the season of too many ideas swirling in my head and last minute  (at least for me ) things to put on  THE  list

Here are some shots of our lil town's Santa parade.

 Of course first we had to get ready to go
We were lucky this year that it was a very mild night.
No freezing toes

and since it was the Santa parade only red mitts would do..

 D was a little confused at the start but once she was handed her third candy cane
she was all into it

Our volunteer fire men were there.

So the question being --- if there is a fire who is going to show up?

Hahahah ---- small town humour at its best.

Gotta have a pipe band or two

and of course small town politicians ARE politicians. Merry Christmas Mayor!!

Now how did another shot of Daphne get in there??
The theme was a Whoville Christmas
And here is with of course the Mrs.
In the past our town has won a couple of awards for the best small town ( under 10,000)
Christmas parade
Having our first dinner Party of the season tonight
And then having D for a sleepover Saturday
More Christmas shenanigans will be posted

Happy Birthday to my Nana
Not completely sure what she would have been
But I'm thinking 105
Still think of her every day
And thank her for being such a strong influence in my life

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Deb said...

Mornin' Susan - up early here, too, thanks to AA. =^..^= Love the parade shots. CP always has a great one. Glad D enjoyed it, too. Christmas is such a busy time...we could all do with more sleep. lol See ya soon. :)