Saturday, November 28, 2015

santa Claus parade Prep

Today is our town's Santa parade.
It is in the evening and our downtown streets are twinkling with lots of lights and smiling lil faces.
our town employees have been busy for the past month getting lights up and filling the planters that are lining the bridge. Hanging Christmas themed planters....
Here at 44 I like to have my front decorating finished for this day.

We are very lucky in that we only have to walk to the end of our street ---- maybe 2 minutes
The parade goes right by and we are at the very start of it.
People park their cars up and down the street so I feel we should look like part of the festivities.
I almost think we could set up a hot chocolate station on the front yard and do a roaring business.
its chilly standing still for the ole fella
Oh yes and he brings the Mrs too
This year my outdoor theme is white and silver.
Hands up if you adore the Dollar Store ----- especially when it comes to the holidays.

I found a silver tinsel wreath for $3 glued extra silver balls I had from around the house a package of snowflakes for $1,25 and a "W" at Walmart for $2.99 that I painted white (not "W" for Walmart "W" for our last name LOL ). Hung it on my door.      

An old toboggan that has seen lots of sled hills painted it white. Wrapped white lights around it. Hung evergreen boughs from my backyard. A little pair of baby boots I picked up last year from Joe Fresh on sale for $3.99.

Stuck white silk flowers from ... yes ... the Dollar store in my front step urn. A white lantern from Ikea hanging from a mini plant hanger and a silver bow to tie ----- HAHAHA ---- it all together.

HB had already trimmed the house with white lights a couple weeks ago.
I think it looks quite nice.....
I am also thinking of setting up an old CD player to play Christmas music for the Parade duration.

Time to start the inside.

Tree is up so I guess it is started .....
Happy decorating.


Deb said...

It looks WONDERful. Susan.
We won't make it in for the parade but have a great time. I imagine Miss D will be there. I am just now getting in the mood to decorate so let it begin. lol

karen said...

beautiful!! and festive too. I love a parade as long as it's not too hot or too cold.