Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Grand Kiddos are Three

We have been having wonderfully hot and humid Ontario summer weather.
Lots of lemonade
and salads for supper.
It is difficult to pick up the knitting needles for a big project but I have been crocheting dish cloths and little motifs from the yarn stash for a baby blanket.
My gran Kiddos turned three this year ...... T-H-R-E-E.
It was a Toy Story theme party
Image from Internet
Sadly Nona and Bapa could not be there
My daughter asked if I could make Riley a pillow case dress in the theme of Jessie
Of course I would.
Off to the fabric store ...... Do you know how hard it is to find cow print fabric?? So I improvised .......
What do you think?
Cute hunh?
And of course I had to make Miles a Woody vest
Complete with a Sheriff's badge
Unfortunately I guess they just were not in the moods to wear them :-(

Cutey Pies

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Deb said...

KIDS...what can you do? the outfits are adorable and I'm sure you will soon receive a photo of them wearing them. You're such a talented Nona. ;-)