Tuesday, March 19, 2013

skyping and a move

Hello Tuesday.
Well it is looking very winter wonderlandy out there this morning but
Thank goodness Mama Nature just did not have it in her.
Maybe 10 - 15cm?
I have a wonderful neighbour who is coming later today to clear the driveway,
Skyped with Miles and Riley last night (of course with my beautiful daughter and son in law too)

Suckers after a successful trip to the doctor

They are such chatterboxes these days.
Ang can bust some mean dance moves.
"Nona" is still a hard one.
Nana (which can mean banana too), Nono, Nonny.
I will take any!!

I don't think I mentioned they are all moving to Strathmore (east of Calgary)
Dan got a transfer to the office there with a FT position.
Of course it is not what this Nona wants but
Its a better job and they have found a nice half house with 3 bedrooms.

And I am going out in the guise of helping with the move.
Hb and I will be passing each other on this one.
He is home March 30th and I leave April 3rd.

Well I should go clear the feeders and check the feral station.

Ya lady! We are down to only half a feeder!!

Have a good Tuesday!


Mariodacatsmom said...

Great pictures. Skype is a great invention - especially when you have grandchildren who live far away. We had 5 inches of snow from that same storm. Ugh!

Susan said...

Calgary is closer to us! Love Skype--it's the next thing to being right there with them, XOXO