Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our Valentine's Day

Well what can I say about Valentine's Day.
We had an absolutely fabulous day.
I was greeted in the morning by a note on the coffee pot --
We are going on a cruise!!
And before anyone says anything yes I have heard about the "floating toilet" cruise -- HAHAHA!!!!
Now this is a big dealio here as HB has always and I mean always has said
 "nope never going on a cruise"
Maybe this retirement thing is a good thing!
Spent the day doing Thursday type stuff.
HB and a friend of ours were doing supper for his wifey and me.
I was in charge of the table scape and dessert.


She was in charge of cocktails!
Good deal hunh?

So here was the menu
The starter was
Pan seared sesame scallops with black bean sauce served with a parmesan crisp
Prepared by HB

The Main
Beef Tenderloin served with a carrot horseradish jam
with Roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus
Prepared by HB (veggys) and Paul R (Beef and jam)
Of course HB made teeny bagettes
The Boys deep in Preparation.
They did a terrific job and it wasn't too bad a clean up!
Unfortunately I did not take pics of dessert but will take a few when we serve the rest on Sunday.
It was a flourless chocolate cake with cream and raspberries.
Stay tuned!


Deb said...

"A CRUISE" Yahoo! I'm sure I'll hear all about it when you book me for cat-sitting. :) Your dinner looks wonderful. Aren't those two talented? And not much clean-up? Holy Cow! We went out for dinner and a movie. Pretty ho hum but fun, nonetheless.:)

Jane and Chris said...

A cruise??? WOW!
Hubby has always refused to take me on a cruise, he says he spent too many years on ships in the Royal Navy!
Jane x