Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nuthatches and Fish and Chips

HB and I had an awesome Saturday.
We decided since the weather is starting to take a decidedly spring feel to go for a hike.
Nothing too strenuous just a wee walk on one of the many trails in the Ottawa area.
We decided on the Old Quarry Trail.

It was so peaceful walking thru the trees.
Only a few cross country skiers, bird watchers, and photographers.
Of course we saw wildlife.
 Lots of turkeys trotting around!

 Look up. Look way up. In the top of a tree was a porcupine.
A wee red squirrel nibbling on seed some kind soul left for him.
A beautiful male cardinal who was singing up a storm.
She only stopped long enough to get her picture taken.
This was the highlight of my walk.
A little red breasted nuthatch was eating from our hands with his chickadee friends.
When you venture out for a walk on the trails toss some sunflowers seeds in your pockets.
You will not be disappointed.
Someone has been doing a great job on this tree!!
We ended the morning with lunch at La Pointe fish restaurant.
HB had suishi.
I had fish and chips but not your normal F and C.
It was mahi mahi with garam masala and ginger.
Very yummy. 
HB said his suishi was deeelicious.
Then we went hat shopping for Hb and got him a nifty linen "driving cap"
You know? The kind Jackie Stewart used to wear.
Today it is laundry and prepping for our Oscars night tapas supper.


Mariodacatsmom said...

What a wonderful day you have had. I have fed chickadees out of my hand in our own backyard, but I never tried it out in the wild. I learned something new today - thanks to you.

Deb said...

I'm going to fill my pockets next time, too. Those photos are wonderful. I'd have the hand ones framed. Fish and chips...oh, now I want some. Dang!

SueBee said...

What a beautiful blog you have put together. Between your words and your photos, you make the trail come alive. Wish I could join you on those walks. Thank you for posting.

Susan said...

I love, love the nature photos; beautiful shots, XOXO

My Little Home and Garden said...

I love the photos of the birds eating from your hand.