Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Every summer I put my amaryllis outside in a well protected corner of the garden.
Same corner every year.
They get some sun and whatever water Mama Nature gives them.
This has NEVER happened to them before.
I was puttering around after supper and noticed THIS redness in That corner.
Too bad I hadn't been paying closer attention or I would have rescued them before the earwigs made a feast of their lovely blooms.
There are four others but I see no evidence of budding.
I will be more diligent!!

Have an amazing day!!


Jane and Chris said...

I don't like earwigs...they look like mini scorpians.
Jane x

Susan said...

We had earwigs in California, but gladly not here. I had a red Amaryllis at Christmas so this is a happy memory!

Deb said...

Hey Susan
Just catching up here.I`m hoping to be ready to walk again next week. Had a great time and Jess and Mike should be home Friday. We really `packed it in`those 3 days. Deb