Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Have a purrrrrfect day


Jane and Chris said...

Everyday is 'World Cat Day' in this house!!!
Jane x
PS When is World Human Day?

Susan said...

I agree with Jane! When Bailey was alive, every day was his day! Miss him terribly and wish he was here so I could spoil him...more than usual:-D

zaza said...

You are so right on that one.
I'm happy to have my ladies but miss my boy Guiness.

Deb said...

Hi Susan
This week is flying by for me and I had hoped to drop by but will have to wait now until I return. Thanks for the invite. I also still have your key to return. Completely forgot. I'm just back from the vet with Hugo. He had a bad night and I was worried about him since he is diabetic and the vet tells me after checking his numbers that she thinks he may gave gone into remission and did not need that shot last night. Holy cow! Wasn't expecting that. Gary just has to keep an eye on him and check his numbers for a few days and hopefull the boy is done with the needles. He got a check-up, some fluids as he was a bit dehydrated and a B12 shot....$139.00. I just love when my grand-kitties visit. :-b

Elaine said...

Happy World Cat Day. Sparky and Bennie send their greetings!