Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting caught up on the week

Last Sunday was HB's brthday so we had a few friends in for dinner.

What was on the menu??

crudite with lots of dips

steak tenderloin with basil butter
roasted tats with garlic and rosemary

caprese (with a few tomatoes from the garden) salad with balsamic vinegar
panzanella salad (who doesn't like crunchy bread)
HB's Vienna loaf

chocolate lava cakes
my friend is eating gluten free these days so I found a GF recipe
homemade coffee ice cream cream

Monday was a holiday here so Siobhan and Will came out for supper.

Spent time in the garden.
After over 2 months we are finally getting rain!
The next 3 or 4 days there is some rain forcasted.
Yesterday and last night it rained.
I can almost hear the grass and gardens gulping it down.

I spent yesterday morning making peach salsa

My time with the "travelling Susan apron" is coming to an end.

It will be heading outside of Ontario and Canada.
Will keep you posted.
It certainly has inspired recipes and talk amongst my non blogging friends too.

My ladies are enjoying having the windows open altho the squirrels keep them on their toes.

Have a great weekend.


Susan said...

So happy for your rain and the Peach Salsa looks amazing--do you share recipes?? What a busy week you've had with lots of smiles. I can't wait to see where the apron heads next and the newest Sister:-D XOXO

Jane and Chris said...

I haven't heard one person complain about the rain! The Travelling Susan Apron is vey special isn't it? Can't wait to meet the new sister...leaving us a teaser like that!!!!
Jane x

Honey at 2805 said...

Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

Meggie said...

I excited to see where the apron has chosen to go. How about a peach salsa recipe? Sounds very delicious...and interesting!