Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hostas and PB cookies

Today was "in the garden" day.
I spent the morning digging hostas.
I have so many I am just digging and dividing what I have.
They are going in the front; putting red bark mulch around them.
I am hoping it gives the front a wee bit more of a formal feel.
My back gardens are a wee bit more hectic looking.
I call the gardens my "mullett" gardens.
Business in the front. Party in the back.

It is an extremely hot one today 33* (40 with the humidex).
I fed most of the gardens altho I am rationing the water since we haven't had significant rainfall in going on 2 months.
And of course the never ending deadheading.

And I have been inspired by the "travelling Susan apron" to do something.

I think Addy thought I was nuts!

But I made peanut butter cookies anyway.
Only baked off a dozen then froze the rest of the PB balls for later.
So it really wasn't too bad.
Only had the oven on for about 20 minutes!

So the apron is hung up again until next time!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Monday

Good morning all!
Up early drinking coffee and watching some Olympics.

Had a terrific weekend.
Saturday I did chores in the morning then watched more Olympics while cleaning up my blog and doing some emails.
Then some frosty G and T's , HB's Pizza, and an evening on the deck.
Sunday took Sio shopping for office attire.
She has a new job as a receptionist at a real estate company.
I saw a potential MOB dress.
Exciting news !!!!!
Both Peas are on the move.
Riley started walking about 5 days ago and last night Miles!!

Looks like another fantabulous week.
No walk today -- Deb is exploring her property.
Will have to treadmill it!
HB's bd this wkend so I am going to do some recipes that I will incorporate into my "travelling apron" adventure.
Guess I should get this day underway.
Already have 10 things to do on my list :-o

Friday, July 27, 2012

Travelling Apron

Hi all!
Just a quick post to say I have been chosen as next in line for the "travelling apron".

I will post the details with links to all who have come before me soon.
I feel extremely honoured to be chosen and now have to find some worthy recipes.
Hopefully the heat will ease up a bit so I can turn the oven on!
Deb  http://justcats-deb.blogspot.ca and I started back on our walk.
It is still pretty hot here so we are walking in the morning til the heat subsides.
When Deb handed me the "travelling apron" she added a few little gifts.
Isn't that sweet? And she included 2 adorable acrylic elephant rings along with some napkins.
She knows I collect elephants. How thoughtful!

I will also post about the end of our Alberta trip.
As you can imagine time has been taken up
getting house and garden reorganised!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is it really almost over?

Our last week in Alberta.
Really has it been almost a month since leaving Herriott Street.
It has been fabulous spending time with everyone.
The Peas are absolutely the 2 most fantastic little beings.
Of course now that they are a big ONE we can't call them "the babies" any more.
So we have been trying out "the kiddlys" for now.

We spent a day at the West Edmonton Mall.
Worthwhile seeing the place.
It is huge!

The kiddlys enjoyed the ball pit at Galaxy Kids more than the shopping though.

Spent a weekend in Banff

The mountains are spectacular.
What a beautiful country we live in.

 The kiddlys enjoyed the pool time at the Ramada in Canmore.

 Sparty wrestled with a bear outside the hotel and WON!
YAY Sparty.

Downtown Banff

Our last week here and summer has hit Alberta.
Yesterday was 32 yup 32 here in Camrose!!
The rest of the week looks the same.
Got he kiddly pool filled up and getting heated for those sweet munchkins.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fields of gold and Alberta wildlife

American Avocets were nesting in some ponds around Camrose

Black Necked Stilt

 All of a sudden the fields were bursting with Canola flowers

Sweet little Prairie Dogs

I realize that these guys are marmots but they are funny  and remind me of the Prairie Dogs