Monday, September 26, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn and an Apology?

Happy first day of autumn.

OK so I have let the girls out for the afternoon.
Almost immediately Lucky had the tail shake and sprayed my TV cabinet in the family room ---- in front of me!
Back to your time out girlfriend!!!!!
So now I have copious amounts of apologizing to Addy to do or it was just a coincidence.
I have been sleeping in the room with them and being such a light sleeper I am awake a lot during the night.
Lots of crunchy eating and litter box using.
I am feeling very sleep deprived but I am willing to give up sleep if this will stop the madness!
We will see how Addy does on her own.
Fingers crossed again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whoo Hoo

Kitten Fix

Need a kitten fix check Deb out at.

Lots of good cat info too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 2 of Bad Puddy

Let them out for a wee romp this afternoon and then supper.
I was able to get them both to put in the room with no problem.
However I suspect they will now suspect my sweet voice and encouraging "come on Addy"  "come on Lucky"
I think I will sleep in the room with them as last night was torture hearing the plaintiff cry and then scratching at the door.

Visited Deb's mom cat and babies this afternoon.
What a sweet mommy cat and so tiny --- she has the tiniest little feet!
The babies (3 of them) are degrees of grey and are just opening their eyes.
I have been invited back next week to see more of their progress and you can be sure I will be there!!
Next time I will bring my camera.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bad Puddy Tats

On the advice of my wonderful "cat lady" Aunty Deb my girls are in their time out rooms.
See "Pissy Pants" post September 13th
I haven't heard a peep from either as yet.
Mind you it has only been a couple of hours.
We will see what happens when I go in later to take them their supper.
On Aunty Deb's advice they will be in their rooms for a couple of days then let out one at a time!
Fingers crossed!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabulous Friday

 Last week we had a terrific rain storm -- hail in Ottawa  just big a** raindrops here!

Lots of green in the pond all summer.
What did I find yesterday morning --- water hyacinths starting to bloom!!
This morning there were 4 of them.

 Had a Wednesday visit with my sweet pea and

 my little munchkin!

 I knew I had kept those fantastic Grolsh bottles for a reason!
Made herb vinegars -- rosemary, dill, garlic chives, and jalapeno pepper.
I used white wine vinegar as I find it a wee bit less assaulting than regular white vinegar.

 Love these black eyed daisies.

 A warm autumn welcome into our house!

A yummy pumpkin cloves candle and a comforting fall mum.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pissy Pants??

So I have been having a wee behavioral problem with my girls.
Someone has been spraying carpets, chairs, kitchen cupboards and the occasional wall.
It's disgusting and terribly frustrating.
Yes I have done what has been suggested by washing and scrubbing wherever has been sprayed with lots of vinegar and water!!
Now it hasn't happened in about a week ,at least I have not found evidence and I have a very sensitive sniffer.
However it has started up again and to make matters worse I have found pee puddles GULP on my kitchen counter.
I have the mose disinfected counters in the county!!

 It wasn't me Mamma. It was Lucky!!

It wasn"t me Mamma. It was Addy!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Playing in the Garden

 So I came home from a very successful shopping trip to the garden centre on Friday.
Unfortuantely I got myself into some dairy somewhere and had a terrible lactose attack ALL day!
Therefore no fun in the garden.
Saturday Iain and I spent the day book shopping downtown Ottawa and visiting with Siobhan and Will.
 So today I was able to get my hands dirty!!
 I replaced the white and orange petunias with orange zinnias from the garden.
 Replaced the red geraniums with orange marigolds.
 Lots of herbs to be made into vinegars!

A few late summer flowers to enjoy inside!

Happy First Anniversary

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Annual Family Reunion

It was a very small affair for the first time but it was so much fun having them here.
Of course it rained so we had to eat inside but we managed to squeeze everyone into our tiny dining room creeping into the living room.
My nephew Scott and his wife Brandy and their little one Darla were here as well as Iain's brother Robert.
Our little family were all able to make it.
Unfortuantely my brain was floating on another plane and I did not get pics of the group or of the 2nd cousins together --- my bad!

We wrapped the reunion up around 7 (way past Darla's bedtime).

All went home with an African violet -- in honour of Grandpa who grew the most beautiful ones. And a copy of the Wilkes family tree.
Well our group stayed the night with promises of hash browns and scrambled eggs for brunch.
Had a couple more drinks.
Played a Scrabble game -- that Siobhan and Will whipped everyone's proverbial asses.
The next day after above mentioned brunch they all packed up and were gone by about 2.
Iain and I kinda looked at each other had a bit of lunch , cleaned up the house, did lots of dishes, watched some TV (between golf and the Criminal Minds marathon), had supper.
I had a bath that felt amazing got the kitchen ready for the morning and headed off to bed about 9.
I was up bright -- well maybe not so bright-- and early this morning to get a bit of laundry done and ready myself for the day.
I am off to Rockledge.
This morning it is Nona time with my peas.


Friday, September 2, 2011

And our girl is 28 today

 Holly Rebecca -- Born Friday September 2nd 1983 @ 8:50 pm
 Playing with her little sister
 Dan's fav school pic of Holly
 Goofy 16
 High School prom
 Lovin the gun show
 Start of a beautiful relationship
 Wedding Day September 11th 2010
TA DA Miles and Riley -- June 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us

So young and their whole life ahead of them

Love you Hunny!!
PS Glad those glasses are outta style

Thursday, September 1, 2011

WOW!! September 1st

This weekend we are hosting the first annual Wilkes family reunion.
This year it will be a smallish affair with about 10 of us.
So today I am shopping for some of the food so I can get started on some of the prepping.
I also have an explosion of tomatoes in the garden and must get them made into salsa before they rot on my counter.

Our 33rd anniversay is tomorrow but Iain is away, so tonight we are checking out a new Tapas Bar in Kanata and then off to see
Cowboys and Aliens (secret pleasures of mine)

Spent yesterday with Holly and babies.
While I was there they got a parcel from their Grandpa and Oma in Sudbury.
Pow Pants!