Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finally Some Heat

Well we asked for it and now it is here.
The last few days have been absolutely wonderful -- HOT and HUMID!
It takes awhile to do things but is it really that awful that we are forced to take things easy?
 I have decided to rev up the old Pfaff and get some sewing projects done.
I forgot how much I loved it.

 Right now I am working on burp cloths and bibs
 I picked these lovelies yesterday morning and the petals are now dancing on my table.
 Loverly lupines!
My latest knitting project.
I have the babies sweaters to finish but just can't get inspired to get the wool out.
Quicky projects are great to do sitting on the patio or lazing on the front porch!

Holly had an ultrasound today and Miles is 5.7 pounds Riley is 5.3. Whew no wonder my poor girl is uncomfortable. She has an OB appoinment next Thursday to decide whether a section is in order

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