Thursday, April 7, 2011


Got my upstairs sparkly clean and the cat hair sucked from my family room sofa! My new vacuum is awesome -- it has cyclonic action and is electric blue! Gotta find a name for him (yes I have decided it is a male vacuum).
Had a terrific visit with Kathy J last nite,. Been since last August since we saw each other so lots to talk about.
Taking the crew to see Dr Hall this afternoon. It is always a challenge to get all three in crates. I really believe they are psychic and can read my mind when this annual adventure happens. Some years i can get all three but most years it is two then make another appointment at another day. Guiness isn't hard to get - just shake the treat jar and woila there he is (kinda like magic). Lucky and Addy on the other hand are more of a challenge.

This is where they would much rather be!!

Had my hair done yesterday so checked out the new Home Sense and Michael's on Hazeldean Rd. I think I may have to make another trek there becuse I ran out of time and was only part way finished in HS. I did manage to pick a few little somethin somethins. But they have wonderful little things for the garden.

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