Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthdays and Chicken Pox

I am officially 54! I had an awesome birthday celebration last nite. Iain took me to Merlot's restaurant (a revolving one in ottawa) . You spin around and see lots of the spots of interest in Ottawa. The waiter did ask if it was a special nite and I said no. I think Iain was a bit disappointed that i didn't want any fuss. It is events like this that his extrovert Leo personality comes thru and my Leo/Virgo cusp comes thru. I had a yummy wild salmon with cous cous and Iain chowed down on a rack of lamb with whipped parsnip. O ya we also had a Quail's Gate pinot noir--- mmmmmmmm. I had my requisite creme caramel that was infused with lemon and ginger. Iain had a chocolate lava cake (it was served with vanilla ice cream so I am suspecting the cake was a vehicle for the ice cream). He said it was good but mine was better (I love you my Jeffrey). I am also officially one of the cool kids now too. The hamster finally fell off his wheel on my old phone and am now the proud owner of a blackberry. I LOVE IT!!! Still learning but I am figuring it out.

Iain is off to Texas today but he made me pancakes for breaky. I also got an awesome 70's CD. They just don't make tunes like that any more. So I am on my own for a few days. Tonight I am celebrating with some proseccco and a pizza. Tomorrow morning I plan on getting up early and getting the back deck stained so maybe not a lot of prosecco!!

Holly's fiance, Dan, is suffering this wkend with the chicken pox!! From the sounds of it he is hurting pretty bad. Holly has had them so I think she is safe. If you are reading this Dan --- thinking of you and hope you feel better soon!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Iain's Wing Ding

Trying to download pics from the party but they don't seem to want to download. Keep checking back and I will keep on keepin on :-)